Student Corner

Rules and Regulations


  • Minimum attendance percentage required to appear the university exam is 90%. There shall be no condonation of leave for reasons including pregnancy, child birth and medical conditions of any nature.
  • Students must not be absent for the internal assessment exams. Re-internal exam will not be conducted.
  • Internal marks less than 50% is considered fail. If final internal mark is less than 50% the student is not eligible to write university exam.
  • Students must stick on to the college timings. Late attendance will be considered as absent.
  • Leave must be availed with prior information in a stipulated form and sanctioning.
  • Students must not leave their belongings (apron, books, bags, shoes, uniforms, stationeries etc.,) in their class room after the college hours.
  • Personal belongings and valuables should be taken care by the individual. If found missing, the college will not be responsible. Library books should not be mishandled. This has to be return on or before the due date.
  • Students can use their class room cupboards to keep assignment notes and college belongings only.
  • Students should not use mobile phones in college if found will be seized.
  • Students must maintain the class room clean and tidy.
  • Switch off the lights and fans in the class room when not in use.
  • Must not damage lift and walls by foot marks.
  • Students must not go out of college campus without informing class co-ordinator.
  • It’s compulsory to wear the ID cards in the campus. Half sleeved White Coat with the college logo must be worn only inside the campus except in the library.
  • Students who come by vehicles must get prior permission from the Principal and must maintain the speed limit of the campus.
  • Ragging is banned. students who indulge in ragging will be handed over to the police without any immediate enquiry.
  • Students must intimate their change of address and phone numbers in the college office and in the academic section.
  • It is a must to wear the prescribed sports uniform with sports shoes for physical training period. Students should come in proper uniform for special classes.

Dress Code for Boys

  • Short shirts and short sleeves are not allowed, shirts must be properly tuck-in.
  • Formal black shoes, black socks and black belt must be used.
  • Uniform pants must be very formal. (Jean pant/ Boot / bell bottom, pencil / parallel fit/ low hip pants will not be permitted).
  • Boys must come to the class with neatly shaved face and proper hair cut. Hair colouring is not permitted.

Dress Code for Girls

  • Must wear prescribed uniform with shawl and black sandals only.
  • Must not leave their hair loose, properly groomed. Avoid colour bands and clips. Hair colouring is not permitted.
  • Nails must be properly cut. (Nail polish, rings, bangles, dangling ear rings, flowers, Mehandi and anklets must not be worn).
  • Dupattas of Churidhars must not be flowing.
  • Jean pant, leggings, jeggings, stole, eyeliner, mascara and lip stick should not be used within the campus.