Masters of Physiotherapy

Specialities Offered

  • Physiotherapy in Orthopaedics (6 Seats)
  • Physiotherapy in Neurology (6 Seats)
  • Physiotherapy in Cardio – Respiratory (2 Seats)

Course Outline

  • The Masters Degree in Physiotherapy is a two year program consisting of classroom teaching, self academic activities and clinical postings.
  • In the first year theoretical basis of fundamental Physiotherapy subjects are refreshed. In the second year, the students learn on the clinical conditions, physiotherapy assessment and advanced techniques in their specialty.
  • During these two years, the students will be posted in their area of specialty. The learning program includes seminars, journal reviews, case presentations, case discussions and classroom teaching. Some of the clinical postings are provided at other reputed centers in the country in order to offer a wider spectrum of experience.
  • The students are encouraged to attend conference and workshop to enhance their knowledge during their entire course of the study. University examinations are held at the end of first and second year.
  • To fulfill their course completion, the students are required to complete and submit their dissertation.


  • Candidates admitted into the Master in Physiotherapy course should have passed the BPT degree examination of this university or an examination of any other university accepted by the authority of this university as equivalent thereto.
  • Candidates who have passed BPT Examination from other than the “The Tamil Nadu Dr. M.G.R Medical University” except Annamalai University shall obtain an eligibility certificate from this university by remitting the prescribed fees along with the application form before seeking admission to any one of the affiliated institution.

Cut Off Date for Admission

  • Last date of Admission to Master in Physiotherapy is 30th June and 30th November of each year

Working Days in an Academic Year

  • Each academic year shall consist if not less than 240 working days

Methods of Training

  • Post graduate students shall be trained to acquire responsibilities in the management of patients with ethical standards of practice. They will be made to actively involve themselves in seminars, case presentations, journal review meetings and clinical discussions with reflective practice. Every candidate will be given training in teaching of under graduate students. They are specially trained to perform research activities in their specialty.

Attendance Requirement

  • No candidate shall be permitted to appear for the examination unless he/she puts in 90% attendance during his/her period of study and training.