To pace the academic activities in such a way that greater care can be given in teaching all the Physiotherapy subjects, the college has 3 departments.

  • Department of Basic Medical Subjects
  • Department of Basic Physiotherapy subjects
  • Department of Clinical Physiotherapy subjects

Department of Basic Medical Subjects

Here the students were taught basic medical subjects. These subjects lay the basement for their career. The faculty from various departments of PSG IMS&R, PSG Hospitals and PSG College of Arts and Sciences help our students in this process through their expert teaching and the faculty of Basic Medical Subjects coach the students in the subjects taught.

Subjects handled
Psychology & Sociology Anatomy
Physiology & Applied Physiology Basic and Applied Physics for Physiotherapy
Basic Nursing and First aid Orientation to Physiotherapy and Computer Applications
General Medicine General Surgery
Pediatrics and Geriatrics Microbiology & Pathology

Department of Basic Physiotherapy Subjects

Here the students learn what Physiotherapy is and also the various skills and techniques used in the Rehabilitation of patients. The experience what they gain here acts as a scaffolding to learn further

Subjects handled
Exercise Therapy I & II Biomechanics Applied Anatomy and Kinesiology
Electrotherapy-I (LMF) &  Electrotherapy-II(High Frequency) Clinical Cardio Respiratory conditions
Community Medicine  Physiotherapy in Cardio Respiratory conditions

Department of Clinical Physiotherapy Subjects

Here the students attain their full form by learning more about different clinical conditions and selection of appropriate Physiotherapy techniques for treating a particular clinical condition.

Subjects handled
Orthopaedics for Physiotherapists Neurology for Physiotherapists
Physiotherapy in Orthopaedic conditions Physiotherapy in Neurological conditions
Rehabilitation Medicine  Project Course Work