Campus Life

Student Speaks

PSG COP is an extraordinary place for students to continue their further studies after they are done with school and college. It is different from other institutions that offer higher education, in many ways. Apart from gaining a degree that is recognized all over the world, a student actually finishes off with an edge over the others, Education in PSG is not just about books and classrooms. A student can achieve and accomplish many goals because of the easy access provided to a variety of facilities. Academics, personality development, honing special skills or whatever their area of interest might be, the students get complete support from the faculty and senior students.

It’s a new environment and a completely new life for students stepping into PSG Education. New friends, a lively campus, experienced faculty, renewed ambitions and inspired goals are what every student can look forward to at PSG. With students from different caste and social backgrounds coming together, mutual trust and sociability develops instantly, and helps make their stay at PSG, a more homely experience. It is full of opportunities. The opportunity to make the best of friends, to meet interesting people, to learn and grow under the guidance of the most respected academicians, to study in different universities abroad to land the best of jobs and of course, to have the best time of your life.

Students learn to mingle with people from different cultures and socio economic backgrounds. PSG is a potpourri of culture and this enables students to learn, appreciate and understand other cultures. The college takes students’ issues and problems very seriously. Any higher authority in the administration is easily accessible to a student.

The classroom environment is unique in PSG. Teachers see you at par with them as questions are answered and discussions are encouraged. This is perhaps why one finally feels the shift from school life to serious academia. Extracurricular activities like sports and cultural events are encouraged and nurtured. There are cricket, football fields and basketball courts and an indoor complex.

Coimbatore and its surroundings are made up of hills and dales, which are pretty, scenic and inviting for all those with adventure on their minds. The End Point is the ultimate place to be.

PSG college of Physiotherapy mixes and remixes fun, learning and growing up. The most important parts of your life are the years spent discovering who you are and what you want to be.