The Alumni association of the PSG College of Physiotherapy was inaugurated on 24th December 2004. The association conducts an executive body meeting every 3 months and one general body meeting every year. In addition it conducts annual workshops/conferences, alumni reunions.

The following were the alumni representatives selected from the graduated batches:

1999 – G. Sumathi Muraleedharan
2000 – Siva
2001 – Neela Kannan
2002 – Iyyappan
2003 – Jeevanandha Kumar
2004 – Sivapriya
2005 – Parthiban
2006 – Nivethitha
2007 – Jesfer Das
2008 – Vimal Raphael


a. To foster and strengthen the fellowship of the former PSG COP students community.

b. To endeavor and to seek promotion in the advancement of the Profession.

c. To promote the spirit of charity, believe and uphold the ideals of the profession.

d. To maintain sound relationship with the Institution and the Hospitals.

e. To promote and to respect the dignity of the Institution.

f. To build interests in objectives for the future of the college of Physiotherapy through the Public Relation Programme.

g. To obtain fund by collecting it from the members.

h. To assist the members of the Alumni in both Personal and Professional growth.

i. To update the current trends i.e. existing globally.

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